Connect phase

Project title:

MusicWeb Connect
Developing new tools for music education, using wide-area networks and hypermedia technology

Short description:

MusicWeb Connect aims to improve quality of music education, by exploiting multimedia and distributed network technology, of which the potential, also for distance learning, has already been demonstrated in previous projects on national levels at the partner institutions. MusicWeb intends to support music education by offering a well-structured learning environment with a strong emphasis on musical relevance. The modular design and reusability of tools and materials should appeal to music professionals, teachers and students regardless of their technological background.


Royal Conservatory of Den Haag (Project Co-ordination)
Dept. of Music, Univ. of Glasgow
IICM, Graz
TH Darmstadt
HFM, Hannover
IRCAM, Paris


December 1999 - June 2001

Important dates:
1st Meeting, 2000/02/12-14 Den Haag
2nd Meeting, 2000/03/28-31 Glasgow
3rd Meeting, 2000/06/28-31 Graz
4th Meeting, 2000/10/11-11 Hannover
5th Meeting, 2001/03/02-04 Paris
Final meeting, 2001/05/18-20 Den Haag

Accessible for public viewing:

MusicWeb flyer (text-only), available in a:

MusicWeb flyer (scanned version), available in:

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This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community through the Connect Initiative.



From left to right:

  • Thomas Dietinger
  • Jürgen Kilian
  • Murray Campbell
  • Stephen Arnold
  • Carola Boehm
  • Karst de Jong
  • Marie Helène Serra
  • Christoph Hempel