The main focus of the project since the start has been to enable the creation and development of music-educational materials to which members of the MusicWeb group can have common network access. The project is designed to facilitate the integration of these materials into a wide variety of music courses and independent-learning scenarios, and it intends to unlock the specialist skills and resources available within individual institutions so that they can be exploited to the general educational benefit of the community at large. Common design, common modes of access and common management of materials will lead to valuable European cross-fertilisation, yet still enable the distinctive characteristics of the courses offered by individual institutions to be preserved. In practice, the physical outcome of this project is a pool of music-education related modules (weblications) that are available to be used in a variety of ways by a variety of people. We believe in the flexibility and re-useability of resources, and as such, each of these modules can be used:

  • in whole, or in part
  • individually or in conjunction with one another
  • in a classroom or distance-learning situation
  • in a group, or as an individual
  • or in any other possible combination of music learning-scenarios

This flexibility of use is designed to enable each user to adapt the modules and how they are used to suit their own individual needs as student, teacher or professional, and as such, MusicWeb can be used both to complement, and as an alternative too, conventional classroom methods. Weblications can also be used for core study, preparatory material, supplementary material and as a further research resource. In addition, all of the weblications are designed modularly, enabling the user to select sections and individual parts from each module to enhance and complement their teaching or learning styles.