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The MusicWeb project commenced in 1995, the founding idea being to make music education and learning via the web a primarily musical experience. During a two day mini-symposium representatives of a few major European music institutions met at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague to share their experiences and exchange their thoughts on the (future) role of technology in the support of music education. They agreed to look into all possibilities of sharing ideas and resources in the future to make a joined effort possible. After setting up some projects with local funding at the partner-institutions (notably The Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Musikhochschule Hannover), the first European funding for MusicWeb was granted for an application in the CONNECT Initiative. In a follow-up project, MusicWeb continued its development with funding from the European eLearning Programme. Since 2010, part of MusicWeb has been implemented in a content management application to serve the teachers and students of the Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag. The result is the website you are currently viewing.

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